Saturday, February 04, 2012

Westward Ho!

A new year, some big news! Come late May/early June, this New England girl, born and raised, is going to be packing up her bags (and shoes and bike) and moving out to Colorado. It was announced at work the first week back after the holidays that my entire company will be relocating 2,000 miles west and a mile above sea level! This means no sailing which makes me a little panicky, but, the Flatirons are a decent trade. I'll just have to take up mountain biking and make some coastal CA trips to get my ocean fix :)

I love my job and the people I work with, and I find myself so incredibly happy when I get to travel out west, that this was a fairly easy decision for me to commit to. Though a little bittersweet as all moves can be, I'm excited. Not that I particularly enjoy the moving process...I've moved every year since I was a Freshman in college, but along with all that packing and unpacking always comes the thrill of adjusting to new places and people. The adventure of exploring a new city. A fresh start. I'm a big believer that all experiences - especially adapting to a new living situation - help you learn, grow, and build self-confidence. And any move, whether that be physically or for a career change, teaches you how to become more self-reliant.

So, let the packing begin. It's amazing how much STUFF I've accumulated over 26 years of life, so the next couple of months are going to consist of sorting, selling, donating, tag sales, and apartment hunting. Does one rent or buy in this market? Sell all furniture and buy new or move it all to avoid buying new? Drive and tow a UHAUL or drive a UHAUL and tow? A lot to do and a lot to organize, but I'll keep you posted throughout the entire process. One thing is for certain - I'm starting early to make this adventure as efficient and stress free as possible. Have you ever made a big move? If so, any tips are much appreciated.

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