Sunday, November 07, 2010

NYC Marathon - Race Day Recap!

Another year, another New York City Marathon. There's something incredibly inspiring about this particular stretch of 26.2: not only does this race attract over 40,000 runners from all over the globe, it unifies the Big Apple in a way no other sporting event can. Given it's THE event to attend on every second Sunday of November, the marathon connects the five boroughs by luring locals out of their high rise dwellings and onto city streets. By encouraging complete strangers to cheer in unity for a global community of determined runners (most of whom they will never cross paths with again), it creates a tight-knit sense of community in a city of 6 million+ people. Literally, for 26.2 miles, the sidewalks are packed with cheering spectators.

Undoubtedly, runners are thrilled by the outpouring of support and more often than not - become quite emotional. To be honest, I can't blame them. At the finish especially, the final stretch is flanked by approximately 3oo country flags. Making the final turn onto Central Park South, it's not uncommon to witness runners with tears of national pride and joy from personal accomplishment streaming down their faces. If that's not moving and inspriational, I don't know what is. Below are some photos I took from the day's event, stationed at Mile 17.

Inspiration pure and simple.

The elite female runners.

They were running at approx. a 5-6 minute-per-mile pace.

Elite male runners approaching mile 17.

They were running at a blazingly fast 4-5 minute-per-mile pace.

View down 1st Avenue.