Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tea Time

Changing of the seasons; onslaught of The Cold. You know when you just start feeling the slightest hint of one coming? That's when it's time to drink this cold-buster tea by Traditional Medicinals. I'm a believer, and prefer steeping 2 tea bags in one mug just to make sure I get a good dose of immune-boosting echinacea before hitting the hay - especially if I'm feeling particularly icky. The taste? Slightly sweet, bitter, herbal lemony-perpermint with a hint of citrus. Add some honey and steep for 10-15 minutes for maximum benefits. See ya later, sniffles!

*Disclaimer: be sure to check the website/ingredient list to ensure this medicinal tea will be good for your tummy. Also, it is not intended or recommended for long-term use.